Closing the Books, Boss

Since the very first week we opened, our barbers' schedules have been full to bursting. From hiring to price raises, from mixed appointments and walk-ins, in the last nine years nothing has helped keep the flow of furry folks to a manageable level.

From walk-in crazy in 2016 to appointment crazy in 2023, the amount of people through these doors has has always been staggering

In an attempt to create a healthy work/life balance for our barbers, we open their schedules six weeks out. Now we are at the point where as soon as a new week of appointments open, the schedule is completely full.

That makes things rather difficult for those clients who have been with us all these years, constantly fighting the stream of new clients for those 700 or so available appointments per month.

There is one little button in our system we have been debating pressing for years that could help, and we believe the time had come to press it.

  • As of May 17th 2022 and for the foreseeable future, the barbers of Beardsgaard will not be taking on new clients in order to better serve our dedicated regulars.
  • If you already have a client account with us, nothing will change for you!
  • There are exceptions for out of town visitors in search of a one-time appointment, call us at (630) 454-4820 or email at

To all who helped create this flood of humans, we can never fully express our gratitude and appreciation. It’s a hard decision to close off the Gaard to new faces for a while, and a decision we hope is but temporary.

A fifth barber, some breathing room for the barbers, whatever comes first, then our doors will be flung wide again. But for now, if we’ve seen ya before, we’ll see you ‘round the shop very soon.

Thank you, Gaardians!

Cover art by beloved former shopkeep Angel Perez