Marek {Shopkeep & IT Dood}


Super punk. Super dad. Maybe distant Blademaiden relation. South(side) Pole all the way.

ABOUT: Marek kind of sort of works here, subbing in on occasion at the front desk, but more importantly, he is like that rare classic car part that is impossible to find, and you probably couldn't afford it even if you could: he is the occasional IT guy whose professional services we get to rent when things blow up, like when the entire website goes down in a huge way (it's happened, more than once, yay small business life).

While we had a little help in the beginning, the current iteration of the website is all us, and until Marek, the best we had for keeping it running was Blademaiden, who can dink around and figure things out on the internet, but is lost when anything real goes wrong in the bowels of the interwebs.

Born and raised South Side Polish, Marek is fluently bilingual, not counting coding languages. He is a former DJ, downtown techie by day, and suburban single dad by night, which, as a bald bearded fella, of course means he has been a client here since seemingly forever. We couldn't be happier he decided he wanted to be our substitute Shopkeep/IT Dood.

FAVORITE THINGS: Punk Rock & Hip Hop, coffee & comics, Olympic Weightlifting, vintage car rallies, short bikes, the 80s (being one of the few staff members to have direct memories of that decade), family, believing the truth is out there.

FANDOMS: Battlestar, Bukowski, Da Bears, the alternate planes and timelines of Netflix (Dark and Stranger Things), speaking of dark, all things Tarantino, fine punk bands (Strung Out, Descendants, The Lawrence Arms), and fine vintage German automobiles.