CoVid-Era Shop Policies

The pandemic seems to largely over, but Covid is not. Beardsgaard has loosened its mask policies over time, but they are still in effect.

Wish we didn't have to state this part, but as we are a family oriented shop where there may be small children, we have a nice people only rule, and as such have a zero tolerance policy for abusive language or behavior to anyone in this shop, or for hate speech.

  • Beardsgaard requires a one time vaccination confirmation to remove face masks in shop. With both young and immunocompromised clients in shop and barbers working mere feet from people's faces, we must ensure there are no unmasked, unvaccinated faces indoors at Beardsgaard at any time.

  • All staff are fully vaccinated and boosted. Some choose to wear masks full time in shop to protect family at home. Those who work without one much of the time will mask up if a client is in their chair that is wearing a mask, and for anyone else, barbers will happily mask up on request.

  • Beardsgaard, always and forever (by state law) must refuse service to anyone displaying cold or flu symptoms. 

  • If you have a positive Covid test, or have been in contact with someone who has Covid-19, you will need five days of quarantine before visiting Beardsgaard, ten if you are to have face services, or have a negative test.

  • Clients will NEVER be penalized because they had to cancel an appointment due to themselves or anyone in their orbit exhibiting symptoms of illness (just let us know with as much notice as possible), but straight up no shows are subject to a fee of 50% of the cost of the missed service before they can rebook.


  1. Do I need to be vaccinated to get services there?

  2. Do you need an actual record of my vaccination card on file with you to get facial services there?

  3. Do you cut small children during all this, and do they have to mask?

  4. But your policy used to be *any number of things!*

1) Do I need to be vaccinated to get services there?

Only to take your mask off in here. Anyone can come in masked for a haircut or to shop.

2) Do you need a record of my vaccination card to get facial services there?

Just show us your card once (on your phone is fine), we'll make a note in your file that you did so (it just says FV), and that's that, most of our clients have already done so. We keep zero medical information on file here.

3) Do you cut small children during all this, and do they have to mask?

We love our tiny grown up clients, but we have never been a kid's-focused barbershop (we know, there are a lot of toys, they belong to the adults here). If the small person in question can sit still unassisted (as has always been our policy), and wear a mask if they are too young to have been vaccinated, we'll make haircuts a treat to look forward to. 

4) But your policy used to be *any number of things!*

We have done our absolute best to keep up with the changing situations and regulations, which, having followed rigorously, we have remained safe during the pandemic thus far. Better than that, we hear constantly from clients who come here because we have been this diligent about pandemic safety. Things will keep changing as this gets to its end (eventually?), and we endlessly thank those of you who have helped us keep this a safe shop during a time we couldn't have possibly imagined when we got into the simple trade of barbering.

More questions? We have plenty more answers in the F.A.Q.