Credit Cards Required for Appointment Booking 5/1/23

When "something came up" for someone else at your job, does it cut 1/8 of your daily pay? How would you feel if that happened multiple times a day, sometimes every day?

Welcome to the life of folks in the appointment-based service business.

Late cancellations and no-shows for appointments with our barbers have been a thing since our opening in 2014 (and any other barbershop will tell you we are not unique in that).

Recently we’ve seen an increase in no-shows, leaving us without a fighting chance to fill vacant slot. Despite our best efforts and handy reminders, appointment dodging persists, especially among new clients.

Since our barbers are booked out as far as they are available, the time has come to make a change. If you are a regular traveler to Beardsgaard, you will already be familiar with the policies we utilize to lessen the impact of late cancellations and no-shows on our staff:

  • Late Cancellations with less than 12 hours notice = fee equal to 50% of your booked service
  • No Shows = fee equal to 100% of your booked service

To combat this, we will be turning on a tool built into our system for this exact purpose. As of May 1st, a credit card on file will be required to book an appointment.

Current Clients: The next time you log in to make an appointment you will see a notification that there is "Missing Billing Information" to be added before you can book your next appointment.

Please note that your details are not stored by us, they are securely stored by Mindbody, with over 20 years providing booking operations for gyms, yoga studios, salons, and personal service providers all over the country.

Late Cancel and No-Show charges will NOT be automatically processed by a robot. We personally reach out to each client, and never charge late cancellation fees for emergencies or illness (thank you for not coming in sick!).

No-Shows without contacting the shop, however, will be automatically charged end of day for the missed appointment; if you call us, we at least have a chance of filling that spot.

Finn thanks ye kindly

We as a shop would love to be easygoing about appointment attendance, but when we continually miss out on revenue just because someone didn’t let us know they weren’t coming, we can’t afford to be easygoing.