Drey {Barber}


Young Vincent Price vibes. Dual licensed powerhouse. Detail freak. Mothman?

ABOUT: A Chicago suburban creature of the night drawn to bright twinkly lights, Drey is going to have to work to convince us he is not, in fact, a giant moth with great motor skills and a good vocabulary.

We often find barbers have a foundation in some sort of artistic discipline, and Drey is no exception, pursuing school for graphic design before being bitten by the hair bug. Twice! It's been a minute since we have had a dual-licensed barber on staff, and we are so jazzed to have him.

FAVORITE THINGS: Like nearly everyone who has ever and will ever work here, animals, especially cats, dogs, lizards and bugs, to the point he surprised his family a bit by not becoming a veterinarian. He seems like like consuming those things that give a buzz, from iced coffee to all the sour candies, so it will be dangerous for him to work in a place where we get employee discounts on one of those things. Oh yeah, and true crime murder podcasts. Who doesn't?

FANDOMS: Horror everything and the conventions that come with them (meeting the actors, seeing the cosplay, collecting the figurines), plus everything involved in the spooky season (pumpkin flavored things, hoodie weather, bonfires), and things that light up and especially glow in the dark (lightning bug bellies, glow sticks, Christmas lights).

SPECIALTIES: With 8 years total in the hair game, Drey is one of those legendary dual licensed barbers, also holding a cosmetology license (so he's quite adept at the long Viking and biker hair that not all of our barbers are as skilled with). His shaves are exceptionally smooth, his blends are beautiful, and you can hardly see his fingers when he works, they're moving so fast. It's rather like his namesake, but with more reasonably sized scissors.