About Us

Greetings, nerds! Welcome home. We built this place for you. To bring you everything you ever dreamed you could find in your friendly neighborhood barbershop, and a stupid amount more. Because whatever we do, we go way the hell overboard in the best way possible.

With a history stretching back thousands of years, barbers have served kings and commoners alike. But make no mistake, we’re not frozen in time. We have been traveling from the dawn of it to the end in our stories and imaginations since childhood.

I am and always will be the optimist. The hoper of far-flung hopes and the dreamer of improbable dreams.” - The Doctor, Doctor Who

Sci-fi, fantasy, comics, video games, science, and pop culture have immersed us since we knew what these things were. Now we have this place, grown from a seed of an idea and a name into whole universe of lore and canon, limited only by our imagination. There is certainly no shortage of that around here.

We are called Beardsgaard because we craft beards particularly well, not because it is all we do. Beards (and the shaving of them, a trait unique to barbers) are just the beginning. We often say, "whatever you do, do it well." And that we do, for every client, every day, every time.

Our haircuts are old school barbering at its best. The classics that have always and will always make men look their best, executed with the traditional techniques passed down by generations of barbers.

The best barbershops provide more than just services, they offer true service, expertise, tools, guidance, a community center, a gathering space, and a place to feel at home. We take pride in offering all that and more, complete with our very own line of handcrafted products, River Peak Apothecary.

The barbers of Beardsgaard are a special breed indeed (and we do only staff fully licensed barbers). Our attention to detail is legendary among our clients, as well as our love of our craft.

We live and breathe hair (sometimes literally) with the sole purpose of making you look and feel like the best version of yourself. Our standard cuts and beards are easy to wear, easy to style, and easy on the grow out, but if you want to get epic, we will so get epic.

This place is so much more than just a barbershop (there is an entire product line/fantasy making machine in the back), but even just the barbershop requires a bunch of gnomes tinkering keeping the gears oiled.

From keeping the shelves stocked with the finest grooming products on the planet to keeping schedules running smoothly every day to the social media that brings the community together all over the globe, these magic makers are also usually making the mischief too.

With a little bit of savings and a dream, Natalie & Tyler Anderson, a pair of mom and pop barber nerds hopped off the secure cliff that having a regular job affords and bet everything on the idea that people outside of the big cities want a neighborhood barbershop beyond the basic.

They flung open the doors to Beardsgaard Barbers on September 9th, 2014 in historic downtown Batavia, Illinois, and found scores of suburban and rural fellas clamoring for traditional shaves, razor-faded pompadours and advanced beard work.

While the shop and staff has grown since the beginning, the thing that will never change is the passion that we bring to everything we do. We are gleefully obsessive about our craft and fandoms, deliver impeccable craftsmanship with an absurd level of attention to detail, and are relentless in our upbeat positivity.

No matter how this shop grows and changes in the future, we want one thing to always stay the same. When you find Beardsgaard, you find your home.

Beardsgaard is a place that lives in mists and dreams...

It is a place of myth and legend, but it is also very real, in the deep forests and long, quiet back roads of the world where only those who yearn to live free will ever reach. It is full of life, but far from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is a place of exploration and solitude, a place where its inhabitants are connected to the land. This is the spirit of Beardsgaard. Also, thar be dragons.

Also also there is literal written mythology that never stops being written, feel free to read them as bedtime stories, if you dig a vibe somewhere between The Silmarillion and Monty Python.

Then dive into the World Anvil lore archive, and the thing that pulls all of this together, the D&D games in the Realm where we adventure all over the (interactive!) map, through the places conjured by our products.

All adventuring parties are better with folks like you.