Natalie {Proprietor & Alchemist}


Elfin pixie. Creative blunderbuss. Deep canon nerd. Prefers animal hugs.

ABOUT: Hailing from Chicago before bopping about North America in the most random smattering of professions imaginable (serving, barbering, IT marketing, art school, military and so much more), Natalie is one half of the married pair of founders, and the original barber of the bunch, and has long been the business tentacle of Beardsgaard. She is the creator and maker (by hand, from scratch) or our River Peak Apothecary products as well as fluttering around being the scenes as the main photographer, graphic designer and copywriter for both shops, and making most of the things you see on the internet for both brands go.

FAVORITE THINGS: All of the hot caffeinated liquids, writing, photography, cooking, baking, knitting really nice/creepy things, DIY, avoiding unexpected social interaction, animals of all sorts, reading, fantasy (and sci-fi too), becoming a walking IMDB, obsessive organization and categorization, rainbow-color-coded Excel spreadsheets, being an elf, grammar.

FANDOMS: Tolkien for LIFE, The Martinverse, The Wheel of Time, Gaiman, Sondheim (knows every word and beat of Into the Woods from the Broadway days), Palahniuk, Tom Waits, Wheel of Time, Battlestar,! Doctor Who, Supernatural, Sherlock (hell, SuperWhoLock!) The Simpsons, Bob's Burgers, and just about anything on the weirder end of the scale.