Work Here

We are all full up on barbers right now, but if you're a local barber, we would love to know ya, do pop by to say hello and check out what we do here! If you're looking for a job in a great shop, even when we aren't hiring, we have a pretty awesome network of shop owners who may be, we are glad to point you in their direction.


Beardsgaard has been a destination barbershop here in the Shire of the Middle West since 2014, and has been booked out as far as the books go since then. We may be fully stocked on legendary barbers at present, but this is is what a job here looks like:
Please note that while plenty of cosmetologists can cut the classics just like barbers, if you are a cosmetologist, you must additionally hold a valid Illinois barber's license to cut at Beardsgaard, as the majority of our services require razor work beyond the neck.


  • Employed commission
  • 50% service / 15% retail (prices here, services average $1 per minute)
  • Profit sharing on online sales
  • Credit card tips paid out daily, paychecks issued weekly
  • Health insurance benefits available with 50% premium coverage
  • 401K matching available up to 5%
  • 40% employee discounts on retail


  • Operating since 2014
  • All chairs fully booked every day for weeks out
  • Front desk staff to handle appointments, client check ins and check outs
  • Full backbar provided
  • Unemployment insurance (such as the sort provided during the pandemic)
  • Built by a family to be a long-term sustainable work home for barbers who are looking to put down roots
  • Welcoming environment for the rainbow and neurodivergent communities


  • Has an Illinois barber’s license
  • Has at least some experience, preferably 1+ years, but can work with newer barbers as well
  • Is comfortable with clippers, scissors, razors and blow dryers
  • Has strong sales skills
  • Has a drive to never stop learning
  • Loves dogs/animals in general
  • May be a giant nerd of some sort (not required, but certainly helps)