Brian {Shopkeep}


Flippin' GREAT hair. Diligent about the details. Made of dad jokes. Is not a parent.

ABOUT: Brian is a lifelong Batavian you may have seen in a local archery-related store over the last 10 years, as a warehouse gremlin and as many other things as you would expect over a decade's time. Outside of work he has spent the last five years in a weird math noise project called Lower Automation, doing a thing called math rock that only some of us here understand (but has been mentioned in Rolling Stone!). Natalie thought it was a Tom Lehrer-type deal and was wrong.

We are so lucky to have Brian and his vast retail experience, although he keeps forgetting we're closed on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. He has this terrible habit of calling us "sir" and "ma'am," which we are not ready for, but he has a wonderful habit of yelling affirmations at people as they leave after their cuts.

He's a mixed bag, but as everything in that bag is so dang sweet, and what with him calling Blademaiden "sir" we're starting to think he may be an immortal with the last name Parcell. In five years we'll either be working for him...or dead by his hand.

FAVORITE THINGS: The loving indifference of cats, music of so many sorts, especially playing it, black clothes that aren't quite goth but aren't NOT goth, a damn good cup of coffee, low frequencies, weird paranormal stuff (don't ask).

FANDOMS: Metal, fantasy, Monster Hunter, good looking instruments, existential dread, creepy books and stories, horror (but is a self-confessed wuss about it), self deprecation, tossing a coin to his local Witcher.