Kate {Barber}


Barber biker. Shear wielder. Boots were made for ass-kicking. Might be a pirate.

ABOUT: Despite spending the majority of a decade in the Twin Cities, Kate is a Geneva native, so she can give you local recommendations with the best of them, as well as the best riding spots for those whole hog two wheelers out there. Her best friend's name is Jim, who is a cat, but he doesn't necessarily know that.

Kate is a bit like a water bear. Tiny, objectively adorable, nigh unkillable. As you may imagine from a smol biker into who went to all women's schools and is heavily into high-risk, adrenaline-inducing sports and activities, she is a bit of a badass who is ready to take on both life, and the furriest of heads with gusto.

Like many Xennials, Kate paid a lot of money to be told what to read in an English degree, with zero job prospects. And like many barbers before her, here and everywhere, once she found her way to this career, life really started to click. She is incredibly meticulous at the chair putting out perfect head after perfect head - perhaps the next one will be yours!

FAVORITE THINGS: Dark humor, podcasts, NPR as a whole, elephants/cats/Netflix bingeing generally, Trader Joe’s Unfiltered Ginger Beer, White Monster energy drinks, and Kimmer’s Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream specifically, shirts with tiny prints, being Jimmy K's friend, yoga, nature, adrenaline, and bookstores for days.

FANDOMS: Drag Queens, Harley Davidson, Chicago Cubs/Bears, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Parks and Rec, Gilda Radner, bell hooks, The Birdcage, Harold and Maude, and the non-medical Shonda.

SPECIALTIES: Cutting her teeth straight out of barber school at a high end salon, along the way she picked up some precision scissor skills that are rare for barbers, plus a few extra tricks in the styling and haircare knowledge departments. While her fades, clipper, beard and razor work are beautiful, few things give her a thrill like an absolutely flawless all over scissor cut. If you want to see more of what she’s up to/know when she has chair spots to fill, follow her on Instagram.