Rewards in the Realm

As if beard and hair and shave and more goodies weren't fun enough, we went ahead and gamified your grooming.

Whether you're a an in-person client, from a far flung place in the world, or any combination thereof (we see you, fae creatures), we have two ways to make it more fun to do the things you were going to do anyway.



Earn points by completing quests like purchasing your favorite products, making an account, recruiting a friend, and more, plus a bunch of extra points just for getting another year older on your name day. Then redeem those rewards to save money every time you shop with us. Just look for that little tab along the edge of your screen that says Earn Rewards! {Go to there...}



A number of us at Beardsgaard Barbers and River Peak Apothecary grew up on a magical card game. Now that we're all grown up with the Adobe Creative Suite, we went and made our own, so you can collect all of our products, scents, even staff and shop dogs! Gotta catch em all, eh?  You can get trading cards many different ways! Get World Items deck cards like Beard Oil, Shave Oil or Scrub by buying those River Peak Apothecary products. So long as you're getting those cards, you will also get Lands & Realms deck cards like Dragonsea, Strongfell, or whatever scent you chose.

Everyone who works at either Beardsgaard or the Apothecary has trading cards too! If you interact with one of them, even if they were not the one who provided you with service, ask for their trading card and ye shall receive. To get the Shop Dog's trading card, to have to befriend and pet her.

There are even some heroic Gaardians who (as part of a fundraiser) became their own trading cards in the Alternate Realms deck.

Collect any 12 individual trading cards from any deck (including former staff) and trade them in for your choice of in-shoppe T-shirt at either shop. No duplicates accepted in a 12 pack, BUT! If you have duplicates, that's what trading with others is for, either with fellow shopper friends, or fellow clients waiting for haircuts at Beardsgaard.

How to Cash In

In Person

Bring your cards to the front desk where we will hole punch the corner of each card, and you can pick your shirt!


Mail your cards to the following address with your choice of design (Beardsgaard or River Peak), size (S-3X) and color (grey/black, forest & teal).

Beardsgaard Barbers • Attn: Beardsgaard Rewards 117 South Batavia Avenue • Batavia, Illinois 60510