Tyler {Proprietor & Barber}


Professor Lumber Viking. Shepherd of bearddom. Broad spectrum geek. Friendly neighborhood bald guy.

ABOUT: Born in South Dakota and raised in Mt. Prospect, Tyler is one-half of the married pair of founders, but has long been a jack of all physical trades - baker, bartender, and now barber. As long as he gets to work with his hands and talk to people all day, he is a happy camper. In the tiny bit of free time he has, he is introducing Shop Misfit to all of the Marvel properties in proper order, playing guitar, and dragging home furniture from all over town like lost puppies.

FAVORITE THINGS: Movies, sci-fi, horror, romantic shit (WHAT), Vikings, classic rock, tea, tools, baked goods, comic books, cuddly animals, lunch, thunderstorms, organization, spicy food, bacon, trees, historical trivia, grilling, geek show marathons, delicious beers.

FANDOMS: Star Wars, Battlestar, Firefly, Alien, Predator, Dune, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Marvel, DC, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Supernatural, Zelda, Tolkien, and pretty much the whole of the sci-fi-verse.

SPECIALTIES: Tyler is a methodical yet jovial beard, working steadily about your head while keeping the good barbershop conversation flowing. Before you know it, you're looking fantastic and getting on with your day. While he can handle absolutely any head that hits his chair, he takes particular glee in flat tops, all of the face stuff, and hairstyles that make you look like you were ripped out of a different era.