A Bearded Man's Adventures in Cupcakes {Video}

Morgan likes cupcakes. Her papa bear also likes cupcakes. But he has quite a bit of mustache. It has been said that he can eat a cupcake without making a mess of himself, but few believe. BELIEVE, bearded men, for you can eat cake.

Although Sunday is a day off for the Beardsgaards, that certainly doesn't mean we aren't working. And it's so hard you guys. Just exhausting, backbreaking work.

The Sugar Path

First off a bit of video filming and cupcake eating at The Sugar Path in Geneva where we got to meet the shop's delightful purveyor Nina who jacked us up good and proper on sugar and caffeine first thing in the morning. And it was GLORIOUS.

The cupcakes are just as good as they look, and they have freaking fantastic coffee too. We each got something different, and all were among of the best cupcakes we have ever eaten. Bearded and non-bearded alike, definitely make a visit.

Penrose Brewing

Then we were off to Penrose Brewing for some beers with Rob the brewmaster, lots of talk of our respective crafts, history, tradition, and shared belief that as the Doctor says, "we are all stories in the end."

We were lucky enough to get to walk through the whole operation (which goes back way farther than you would think and is usually travelled by skateboard). Friends, we nerded out hard.

The beers, all brewed in the Belgian tradition are beautifully complex and pack quite a punch. We even got a couple of growlers to take with us to a picnic afterward!

We have to say life has gotten pretty great lately. Best of all, it only seems to be getting better.