Colin the Shopkeep • Shave Virgin {Video}

It's funny, we have a beautiful old school barbershop here with a stupid amount of traditional wet shave accoutrements that get used every single day, and no one who works here has ever had a full straight shave.

Morgan is a child, Natalie is female, Tyler has had a beard as long as he has known her and it's not going anywhere, and Colin has the face of an infant and has thus never sought out a shave.

We decided to do something about one of those faces.

In today's video post, we will take you behind the scenes of a shave with a bit more banter than usual when sharp things touch skin to show you what to expect during a shave.

Most of the gents we shave in the shop seem to be first timers, and we couldn't be more thrilled to introduce them to the magical world of the straight blade. Some are understandably nervous, with thoughts of Sweeney Todd dancing through their heads.

Yes, sort of like that

Shave newbies are hyper-aware of everything going on about their face, and as such, try to be helpful by pulling faces, turning their heads when we are just stretching your skin, and tensing up with nerves.

The best advice we can give when you're under the blade is to get fugue-state relaxed in the face mind and body (but keep your lips together, lest we get lather in your mouth) and let your barber do literally all the work.

That's why you're paying us, right? Just do nothing. The easiest thing in the world.

And with that, here's Colin.

You totally want to try a shave now, don't you. Of course you do. Book yours right HERE, or stock up on all the shave magic we use in shop to get this treatment yourself, at home.

Music courtesy of Incompetech