Just the Classics

Hairstyles come and go over the decades, sometimes popping up again much later, and sometimes defining a time period to the point that seeing it in a different time is sheer irony.

Let us present Natalie's dad, 1970 and 1980. Left: you handsome bastard. Right: Someone please explain.

Classic haircuts, on the other hand, have always and will always look good. Sure, their popularity bubbles back up to take over every decade or so, but when you are old and wrinkly with no hair left, and you look back on yourself with one of these haircuts you will look back fondly instead of cringing.

And your children and grandchildren will say "Damn, dad/grandpa!" instead of "Ye gods, dad/grandpa. What the fuck."

There is a reason the classic haircuts have stayed around so long.

They all involve some combination of clean, masculine, vertical lines on the sides, clean tapering in the back, neat edges, and a bit of polish with length on top.

Whether one of the tried-and true-standards like a Contour, Pompadour, Slickback or just a simple haircut built out of those elements above, these haircuts are an instant way to look like a classy grownup. Or badass. It's all in how you wear it.

Natalie's dad getting back to his good hair roots and looking dashing as dashing as ever at 62. He's now past 70 and somehow still looks the same.

On that note...

Since we opened, we have had quite a few requests for longer haircuts, as well as women's haircuts, gender affirming cuts, highly textured hair, kid's cuts and more.

Beardsgaard's wheelhouse is beards, shaves, and the short on the sides, longer on top, traditionally masculine haircuts of both yesteryear and today, for all ages, all hair types and all genders.

While some of our barbers have experience in cosmetology, if you're into a choppy pixie with a perfect fringe, or long layers, you would be better served by our spectacularly talented next door neighbors at Coast Salon. Between the two of us, we have this block COVERED.

Sometimes the owner even jumps into the fantasy Realm with us