Tag. Chaos. Glory • Realm Dungeons & Dragons Game • Episode 1

We're a barbershop that has a grooming product line, but it's all built upon an epic fantasy world, crafted from the fantasy of our world. We also play D&D in it every other Thursday. These are those stories.

If we wanna get technical about it, this was the second session, the first stream didn't actually save, and this session was recorded in the height of the pandemic.

In that first episode, the gang meets a swindler at a circus accident, make a pet friend named sushi, and hear tell of a competitive tag league in the city.

This episode, they find that competitive tag league.

This was the first and only recorded episode with Lauren and Teague as Sylla and Teddy, but boy what an episode it was.

How all this came about, or, The Realm: A Guided Tour • The Building Blocks

Want to dive deep? That's what the World Anvil is for.

Want to smell the kingdom of Midgard, where are characters are right now?