The Gang Gets Pumped • Realm Dungeons & Dragons Game • Episode 17

We're a barbershop that has a grooming product line, but it's all built upon an epic fantasy world, crafted from the fantasy of our world. We also play D&D in it every other Thursday. These are those stories.

Welcome back to the game and a big welcome to new friend of the shop Meg (by way of Evan/Berric), playing Half Giant Rune Wizard Zath!

The gang is part of an epic quest across the north of the Realm to close the Void forever before a nefarious cult rips it to smithereens, and the horrific creatures from beyond overrun the world.

After leaving the ice sorceress tower, the gang meets another adventurer in the woods, gaining a handy Half Giant Rune Wizard companion before heading to their next stop on their trip across the north, the Tower of Aegnaer.

This outpost of warrior bros stands as one of the beacons in the fight against the Void, and a great place to stock up on armor, new friends and workout/meal prep tips. Of course when your new friends are warrior bros, there will likely be some fighting.

How all this came about, or, The Realm: A Guided Tour • The Building Blocks

Want to dive deep? That's what the World Anvil is for.

Want to smell the kingdom of Jotunheim, where are characters are right now?

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