Bears & Beholders Oh My! • Realm Dungeons & Dragons Game • Episode 26

We're a barbershop that has a grooming product line, but it's all built upon an epic fantasy world, crafted from the fantasy of our world. We also play D&D in it every other Thursday. These are those stories.

Welcome back to the game! The gang is part of an epic quest across the north of the Realm to close the Void forever before a nefarious cult rips it to smithereens, and the horrific creatures from beyond overrun the world.

Tonight's Dungeons & Dragons game in the fantasy Realm of Beardsgaard is a a bonus holiday episode, only in that everyone is wearing Christmas sweaters, unless you consider a monster with enough eyeballs to be mistaken for a biblical angel Christmas themed.

The gang finally leaves the delightful giant brothel village of Thiad and hits the road with a dozen mothcats and a giant screaming goat to their next destination.

But ho! Is that a ruined settlement on the mountain pass? And is that a cave entrance? Are those BEAR tracks? Well, the gang didn't find a bear, but they did find something terrifying and gooey, a ton of treasure, and so much fun.

This will be our final game of the year, Realm, thanks for joining us for the adventures. We will be back next year with our regular every two weeks episodes, plus a seasonal one shot episode in a different time, in a different place, with different characters, and a few surprise guest players!


  • Tyler Anderson: GM / Proprietor of Beardsgaard Barbers
  • Meg Cowser: Zath / Friend of the Shop
  • Evan Frazier: Berric / Client / @thebardicbaker on IG
  • Jeremy Fewer: Amrix / Client
  • Kate Mills: Paekis / Barber of Beardsgaard
  • Natalie Anderson: Filming, Editing & Design / Proprietor of Beardsgaard Barbers & River Peak Apothecary

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🧙‍♂️ In-game imagery is a combination of Inkarnate maps & Midjourney AI: photography, video, production and graphic design by Beardsgaard