Under the Twilight Moon • Moonsands Spring One Shot • Realm Dungeons & Dragons Game

We're a barbershop that has a grooming product line, but it's all built upon an epic fantasy world, crafted from the fantasy of our world. We also play D&D in it every other Thursday. These are those stories.

In addition to our main campaign, every season will have a one-shot episode in a different time and a different place (product lore locations specifically), with new characters and some special guest players!

Today we're heading to Moonsands in Alfheim (Moonsands being our cedarwood and lavender spring body scrub and body butter), the ancient site of an annual sexy party in the beautiful elven kingdom of Alfheim.

Our party doesn't know each other, an immortal invited guest with daddy issues, a plus 1 with a blood oath, a wine vendor working the fest (also with daddy issues), and a servant with a box full of bats and secrets.

Their paths may be different, but they will all soon collide in a blood rain of bone snakes and skeletal unicorns, a pocket of horrors in one of the prettiest places imaginable. Hold on to your butts.


  • Tyler Anderson: GM / Proprietor of Beardsgaard Barbers
  • Jacob Rud: Fynn / Beardsgaard Client
  • Kate Mills: Darwin / Barber of Beardsgaard
  • Logan Spengler: Casparion / Beardsgaard Client
  • Josh Frank: Fieldon / Beardsgaard Client / Friend of the Shop
  • Natalie Anderson: Filming, Editing & Design / Proprietor of Beardsgaard Barbers & River Peak Apothecary

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    🧙‍♂️ In-game imagery is a combination of Inkarnate maps & Midjourney AI: photography, video, production and graphic design by Beardsgaard