The Dawn of Beardsgaard

Beardsgaard had one hell of a first week.

Not only did we finally get open, but we had a first week that absolutely shattered all expectations.

Being a little two-chair barbershop with owners who only blew into town in June, the sheer amount of word that has made its way around not just this town but all of the surrounding towns has been staggering.

By the middle of that first week, our first Saturday was fully booked, and we realized we would need to bring on help sooner than expected.

We will likely be ready to bring on more barbers as soon as we find some that fit with our team, but we have brought on a Shopkeep for the weekends already who will probably be here full time in short order.

We were able to make this epic fortress of beards happen in just under three months, but we certainly didn't do it alone.

So many family members and friends helped build this place, long-time clients gifted loads of the fun little decor pieces you see around the shop, and you, the community around here talked us up to the point that this dream business of ours started off with one hell of a bang.

We couldn't have done it without every single one of you. The Beardsgaards thank you from the bottom of our hearts.