A Wedding of Websites

Unless you're a bit of a nerd interested in the nitty gritty of small business web options, you can totally skip this post. Nothing will change about your online experience with us except everything will be on a single site, so things will be arranged differently!

While Beardsgaard didn't have a location until June 2014 and didn't open until that September, in late 2013 we had an idea, a plan, and had started writing.

At the time, Wordpress was the big guy in the website space, and offered us the flexibility to build the online home base of such an imagination and imagery-heavy business.

But we needed an online shop worthy of our expansive grooming product selection, and for that we needed something like Shopify. In more recent years, Shopify has done the work to make itself nearly as flexible and expansive as Wordpress (for our needs, at least), and we were dying to only have one Beardsgaard website to maintain.

For this business at least. Our sibling shoppe, River Peak Apothecary, has its own website, full of magic and potions, and, if you can believe it, even more deeply nerdy than this website.

Everything you see on these sites is a labor of deep love for barbering, the Batavia and nerd communities, the realm of fantasy, and of course, those potions that change the state of the matter that matters to you.

Thank you for making this dream possible since 2014, Gaardians. Here's to many more, and so much more magic to come.