Captain Fawcett Parfum News

We have some tip top news! A series of events has unfolded that has put us in the position to be a direct importer of all of the Captain Fawcett products we carry, now including fragrance.

That means we are able to skip a bunch of middleman costs, and the price of all the Captain Fawcett fragrances are now...lower? Yes indeed, lower! Huzzah!

Here's the story. Captain Fawcett has been on our shelves since the very beginning, when we were a small barbershop, and their line was world famous, having been used on the sets of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, but still only included their original handful of products.

When Captain Fawcett first introduced their fragrances, we WANTED THEM SO BAD YOU GUYS. Unfortunately, they did not have a North American distributor then, and importing the colognes ourselves in the quantities we would have been able to buy at a time would have added a staggering surcharge.

Over the last seven years, Beardsgaard grew to a big full shop with an entire product line of its own, and Captain Fawcett has grown to a massive grooming company with partnerships with some of the world's most famous beards, with our orders from them across the pond growing larger and larger.

We recently found ourselves in the position of being the largest retailer of Captain Fawcett product in North America, and the only one to carry their full fragrance line. Along with our own River Peak Apothecary line, Davines, and the dozens more covetable brands that grace our shelves, Beardsgaard's selection is always growing to handle every part of your grooming routine - and it's all available on our webshoppe, for shipping everywhere.

Take a peek, pals...ehrm, chaps. That's more like the Captain.