New Hours & Prices This Summer


Life has been a lot more manageable since we went from a shop working in shifts for 70 hours a week to our regular person work week on service industry hours. In our effort to fine tune our operations to our clients' needs, we have decided to shift our later days to earlier in the week. Because duh, us, people have things to do on Friday nights, which means we need more after work appointments earlier in the week.

Beginning Tuesday, June 7th, our hours will shift just a bit to be as follows:


Beardsgaard has grown so much over the years, from always having a new barber in training, to the present day where every single barber is long experienced and superb at their craft, while living the "never stop learning" life. With a pandemic in between those early years and today, and our new normal of folks not being able to get in for six weeks despite being near fully staffed, our only remaining option is to raise our prices.

And so we present our new price list beginning Tuesday, July 19th 2022. Any appointments booked before June 6th will not be affected.